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Putting up hackathons is a lot of work, and the contributions of different teams is what makes it possible. Learn about what each team does throughout the year and leading up to the hackathons here!



  • Reaching out to and maintaining professional ties with potential TAMUhack sponsors
  • Hacker communication before, during, and after the event (ex. emails, Discord announcements, surveys)
  • Communicating with food vendors to order and deliver meals for the hackathons
  • Promoting TAMUhack among other student organizations
  • Hosting workshops throughout the year
  • Marketing for TAMUhack events and hackathons
  • Facilitate the judging, mentorship, and volunteer processes
  • Designing the hacker experience


  • Prototype TAMUhack and HowdyHack websites
  • Design marketing materials for the hackathons, workshops, and various events
  • Create graphics for merchandise (ex. T-shirts, stickers, etc.)
  • Building digital documents
  • Maintain engagement with community through promotional media
  • Marketing/photography/film


  • Implement web page for TAMUhack and HowdyHack with the design team
  • Develop and deploy cool internal projects (ex. Discord sign in bot, QR app, registration system, team matching)
  • Maintain existing software (ex. judging system, mentor help platform)

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